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List Processing Protocol

  • NCOA-48Link (Change of Address) – Because every year over 40 million Americans change their address, maintaining a clean mailing list saves mailers time, material, and postage costs. NCOA corrects addresses prior to mailings, and prevents re-mailings to addresses which have been corrected.

  • List Cleaning– Refielding, verification, name parsing, punctuation, appending gender, ZIP correction, improving aesthetics, etc.

  • Merge/Purge – Bring together several lists to create a single file with a standardized format without losing peripheral data fields.

  • Elimination of Duplicates – Sending multiple letters to the same person is annoying, wasteful and lowers your response percentages.

  • Address Suppression – Match prospect files to customer files to avoiding treating a long-time contact like a stranger.

  • Assigning Codes – Generation of source codes, identification numbers, barcodes using dynamic relationship schemes and algorithms.

  • Segmentation – Multiple segments can be created for changes in specific variables or wholly unique mailing strategies.

  • PAVE Presorting – Receive the highest possible postal discount and the most deliverable mail your list allows with our sophisticated postal software.

  • CASS Certification – enables the United States Postal Service to evaluate the accuracy of software that cleans and matches street addresses.


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