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A Full Service Company

Our Turnkey Full-Service Production Environment

A Single Point of Contact
As part of our One-Stop-Shop environment, Pacific Rim assigns a dedicated Account Executive to manage your account. Your Account Manager works directly with you to not only shepherd each project from concept to completion, but to help you manage your direct mail campaign for the entire year. We focus on three things: management, cost reduction, and revenue generation.

Data Services
Here’s where having a team of seasoned professionals on our staff really makes the difference. Our database programmers will qualify your list for the maximum postal discounts and remove the bad addresses so you don’t waste valuable funds on unneeded postage.

List Processing Protocol
Every list we process is put through a stringent list hygiene process.


The key to the appeal is compelling copy explaining to donors why they should support your cause, how their gifts will be spent, and why you need their support now! It's important to recognize and thank donors for their past support.  Well written copy needs an emotive reason to give to pull on those heart strings...  Our copywriters are seasoned veterans with 20+ years in the industry.

Design Services
Our designers have 15 plus years in direct mail, so we can offer practical and cost effective designs that keep attention on the page while leading it to the ask.

Direct mail design does not have to be costly. We have often helped clients achieve equal or greater results with two color designs over four color efforts thereby reducing cost while maintaining response.

Production Services
Shorter Production Cycles = Donations Sooner!

We try to maximize your most valuable asset – TIME! We have worked hard to achieve one of the shortest production cycles in the industry. Typically we can print and mail a project in 5-7 business days. Design time is additional as this is a variable, but including design we could design-print-mail your appeal in as little as 7-10 business days.

Traditional & Digital Offset Capabilities

We can print and personalize your project in 1, 2 or 4 colors using a combination of traditional and digital presses. Personalization is our core business, so we are investing in a full digital future as older technologies lose their relevance. Digital offset is cleaner, greener, and offers clients the versatility and cost savings of on-demand printing.

Mailing Services

Part of our shorter production cycle quicker-in-the-mail concept is our ultra fast Bell and Howell smart inserting equipment. Optical scanning software allows us to exact match multiple personalized pieces and insert in record time. Any mismatch stops the system to ensure accuracy. Speed is the key and production times are as little as 1-3 business days for mail services.

As a Premier account holder with USPS we have access to their Postal One system. This allows us to pre-enter your mail drop into their production schedule thereby expediting it into their workflow

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